Mini blog - Spotlight on Janet Stocker @ms_jetoapple

I was recently talking to a friend about how to choose art and she was interested to know how I choose the artists that I work with.

In a nutshell it all comes down to gut instinct i.e. the emotions that are evoked when I see their work plus the sort of positive vibe I get from meeting or speaking to the artist i.e. both of these need to work in harmony for me. With this in mind I think a mini blog is a great way to talk about the artists featured on the Oneoffto25 website every now and then.

Today’s spotlight is on Janet Stocker who I met early last year. Janet was co-hosting a show selling her artwork as part of the Artists Open Houses held in Brighton that happens twice yearly.

I was on the lookout for new artists to collaborate with and when I saw Janet’s work for the first time I was mesmerised by the scale, the beauty of her artwork and the energy and passion that exuded from them. I love the vibrant colours Janet uses, her attention to detail and the fact that her subject matters command attention but not in a showy way. Plus, as a person I love Janet’s ethos coupled with a very self-deprecating take on things.

I homed in on a couple of pieces at that show like an Exocet missile, bought them and put them up in record time (even by my standards) when I got back home.

So, I’m super excited to let you know you that we’ve just added a very small number of hand embellished prints for a unique personal touch by Janet to the website. Do take the time to check them out as they are a great way of injecting unique art into your home.

Janet will also be hosting a solo show this May in Brighton as part of the Artists open house listings and it will definitely be worth a visit.