Rebekah Barnett Ceramics

Bedforshire based Ceramic Artist Rebekah Barnett recently graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in BA Ceramics. Rebekah's hauntingly beautiful and intriguing three dimensional ceramic portrait sculptures are comprised of paperclay porcelain, commercial and organic sand and white combustible materials. They have a wonderful textural quality and are finished with a transparent gloss glaze.

Rebekah succinctly describes her ceramics as combining texture, human connection and the environments we live in. Her individual and unique pieces are form of a catharsis as part of her creative process involves committing words and emotions on paper, ripping them up, turning the thoughts into pulp and eventually turning the pulp into stunning porcelain paper clay.

We are thrilled to share this lovely capsule collection exclusive to Oneoffto25 by Rebekah with you.