Oneoffto25's First Post

Hello and welcome art lovers to Oneoffto25’s first ever blog post.  I am incredibly excited to share my vision and creative journey with you all.  Let me introduce myself, I am Jaz a bona fide art / creative junkie and avid collector of original, contemporary art.  This venture has been an incredible labour of love for me that’s involved much eye-rolling, deep sighing and plenty of cursing on my part as I put on my big girl’s pants and decided to go for it (yes, I know I have a dramatic streak!).  I am really passionate about this because for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to own my own art gallery. 

Two decades of art buying experience later leads me to an understanding of how the impact of online art galleries have changed the art industry plus customer’s purchasing power and behaviour in response to this.  Consumers now have more choice as art has been made more accessible through online galleries, art fairs and pop ups.  Talking of which I would love to do Oneoffto25’s art pop ups in the future…I am literally brimming with ideas.

The most enjoyable and fun part of this venture, apart from having the privilege of viewing beautiful art work, has been meeting new creative people, coming up with collaborative ideas and having a bloody good laugh along the way.  Importantly though, whilst Oneoffto25 is the realisation of my dream it is wholeheartedly coupled with a genuine desire to help newly discovered artists succeed and be able to fulfill their dreams.

The other interesting part of this process has been choosing art that I hope other people like and importantly want to include in their home as for me this would be a great honour.  I’ve gone with my gut instinct as it’s what I rely upon and I’ve deliberately included different genres to mix things up so that the collection is not too one-dimensional.  Albeit there is a heavy bias towards figurative artwork on there but it’s what I love and hey, let’s face it life is all about people!

I really hope you enjoy the Oneoffto25 collection plus the new art and artists that will be joining over the next few months. 

So, buckle-up and join me aboard my speeding, slightly out of control Bullet train on this art fuelled journey and let’s see where it takes us!