Art & subjectivity – The Dee Campling edit!

Do your Art choices match your personality?

Choosing art is such a personal and subjective thing However, following a recent conversation with interior’s guru and art lover Dee Campling I was thrilled when she offered to curate a collection from the Oneoffto25 website as I was keen to know what she would choose.

I had a fairly good inkling about some of the choices that she might make based on her home and her choices are considered.

Looking at her selection you can see the commonality with regards to the colour pallet that she’s selected plus the laid-back energy in that exudes from each piece.

Here’s a little run down from Dee regarding her selections.


1. @benjamingordon__ I choose this ace photographic print by photographer Benjamin Gordon because I love black and white photographic art. It requires such talent to be able to capture the arresting gaze of the focal figure in this shot. I love the textures in it too -  it’s such a unique piece that really stands out!

2. @ms_jetoapple - I really love Janet Stocker’s beautiful paintings. You can see she’s got a great future ahead of her and I’ve chosen this piece because of its ethereal freshness, timelessness and beauty. I can so easily see this fitting into many different rooms in my home and providing the perfect juxtaposition to my existing typographic and photographic art.

3. @befraser - Beth Fraser’s work is just brilliant! It’s so avant garde and as the observer of her work it really makes you think and question. I’m usually drawn to female subjects but I love this handsome bearded man!

4. @sara.hurley - I absolutely adore Sara’s work not only because it completely fits in with my aesthetic but also because I love the quirky angle she uses for her observations. I love any art that puts a new twist on things.

5. @anna_hymas – I choose this piece by Anna due to its exuberant colour pallet and the fact that it’s such a brilliant and modern take on still life painting.

 JRE: Thanks Dee!

 The point is anyone can do this.

You know more than think you do.

You know what colours you like whether it is portraiture, figurative, landscape, abstract still life.

Look at another way what you’ve got on your walls says oodles (yes, I know what the heck do my choices say about me?!! But sweet mercy we haven’t got time to explore this! :)).

Think what do you want your choices say about you?

Are you decorating now i.e. for trends or is this something you want on a more  permanent basis in your home?

Try actively curating a collection?!!

Ta Ta for now! #OMGmyartmatchesmypersonality