Simone Mizel

Portrait artist Simone Mizel is based in Brighton and graduated with a BA HONS in Fashion Design. Her fashion background of 30 years provides inspiration for her beautiful original acrylic paintings. Simone’s artwork is intricate and beguiling and her original paintings take over 10 hours to complete as they are comprised of different layers of colour and subtle tones set against her trademark inky dark background.

Simone’s female portraits are fast becoming collectible artworks and have garnered much attention and admiration. Her portraits are unique, quirky and instantly recognisable with their whimsical expression, soulful eyes and unwavering yet delightful gaze. Indeed, the composition of the female faces she paints are reminiscent of Modigliani interpreted in a contemporary way.  

Simone has produced a capsule collection comprised of originals and giclee prints exclusive to Oneoffto25.