Emily Penfold

Emily Penfold graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Performance: Design and Practice. She produces beautiful original artwork and limited edition prints which are comprised of graphite, pen and ink and diamond dust and these collectible pieces are already commanding a lot of attention.

Emily says her work explores our human fragility and internal energies and she invites her audience to consider finding the beauty and light in the trajectory of time and the purity of the intangible relationship between life and the inevitability that is death. The works embody harmony between the human senses i.e. they are soul enriching as well as providing fulfillment on an intellectual and emotional level. 

Emily has already been cited as one of the five up and coming artist’s to watch and invest in as per the New Artist Fair 2019. She has experienced sell-out shows in London and the home counties where her work has been very positively received.