About Us

Oneoffto25.com is a UK based online art gallery that specialises in sourcing and selling original art, limited-edition art or limited edition art that have been given the one-off treatment.

Oneoffto25 collaborates with small groups of newly discovered or established artists and gives them a platform to showcase their talent. Together their creative endeavours have produced a unique and curated collection of art for you to purchase and enjoy. 

The Oneoffto25 concept is from Jasmine Rosten-Edwards whose lifelong passion for art also inspires her home interior designs. Her love of fusing different art styles and eras are regularly shared on her Instagram account. Many of the artworks for sale on Oneoffto25 have been styled throughout her home to inspire you and help generate ideas about how they will look in your natural habitat.

Oneoffto25.com also offers a creative sourcing service to help you find distinctive pieces for your home or business, to find out more get in touch.