What's Your Art Personality Type?

So, it’s the question I get asked about the most i.e. what’s the best way to choose art for your home? However, I reckon it all comes down to your art personality type. Think about it are you the personification of instant gratification (like moi) and therefore can be widely impatient when it comes to a number of things? Or are you a real thinker and as such like to take your time and make considered purchases that you won’t regret? I know I’ve presented two polarised extremes and it’s more nuanced than this, but you get the gist of the point I’m trying to make.

Well whatever your art personality type the good news is that the art industry can wholeheartedly cater for it. For example, if you’re looking for an instantaneous way to add vibrancy and inject interest to your walls then art posters are one of the ways to go. Posters at the height of their popularity can be traced back to when teens adorned their walls with their fave band, latest crush or whatever there were into. In some senses the gallery wall in one form or another has been around longer than we think.

However, the digital art market has completely revolutionised the mind-boggling extremely affordable choices out there and they can be sourced from many different outlets to tap into the trend being embraced by some my hone interior enthusiasts. Yet, whilst this is great in terms of accessibility, choice and price perhaps at some stage we should ask ourselves about the volume of poster sales and sustainability, so the art industry does not become like aspects of the fashion or interior industry namely fast and disposable.

However, this aside what do you want your home to say about the choices you’ve made? Personality wise I can be impetuous coupled with an inner wild streak that trust me has got me into some almighty scrapes but funnily enough my art personality is very considered. The reason being that I realised many years ago that I wanted to curate a unique look for my home that will stand the test of time. As such it meant being patient (shock horror), saving up, making sacrifices and having to wait sometimes but the end result is that I’ve invested in possibly more steadfast options like original art or limited edition prints.

Hence, I’m not bothered by the idea that when the thirst for gallery walls has been sated and savvy consumers move onto the next big thing that I’ll be left behind. I think it’s more important to buy things that last the test of time regardless of what trends dictate. But this blog it not about me being #smug or #Iknowbest as that would be pointless and it’s not about making value judgements regarding other people’s purchase decisions. Importantly, it is about thinking about our wonderful planet, the legacy that we’ll pass onto family, friends, and the next generation because the fact remains the purchasing decisions we make now will have a lasting effect upon their future.